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I'm putting these things here, because since I dropped almost 200 dolla dolla billz on signing up for the GRE, I might as well put all my ducks in a row for PhD applications.

::sigh:: I kind of half expected that after the M.S. I'd be done with grad shenanigans, but I guess I'm ready to return to higher learnin. ::headdesk:: Because a PhD is going to get me where I want to be in the science (science!) community. I can't keep being your friendly neighborhood archaeologist forever. I need the skillz that killz to be a big wig climate modeler.

First choice skool:
UNM Earth and Planetary Sciences
Pros-More climate change/paleo classes, really welcoming faculty, well funded. Full funding for all PhD students. One of the top schools in geo.
Cons-Prereqs include Calc and Chem. Very competitive. Possibility of having to do another M.S. first.
Deadline-January 15

Second choice skool:
UT Austin, Department of Geography and the Environment
Pros-the profs I've been working with in Belize teach there, and they've been pressuring me to apply. Well funded, strong well known department.
Cons-geography isn't even a real science. Possible mathy prereqs?
Deadline- January 1.

Other options: (M.S. Only) (abroad???)
Or I could do FSU again? Swamp stuff is always fun for paleoclime.

::sigh:: and it begins again.....
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